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Luminaire type
Decorative post-top luminaire with flat cover, Parabolic mast bracket.

Paths, Pedestrian zones, Cycle paths.

Mounting methods
Post-top luminaire for post spigot Ø 76 mm, Mast mounting via two stainless steel fixing screws in accordance with EN 60598-2-3. Also suitable for mounting to posts with spigot Ø 60 mm via reduction pieces to be ordered separately.

Optical system
Optical system with Multi-Lens Technology. Luminaire optic consists of highly efficient, UV and temperature-resistant lens systems. With symmetric wide light intensity distribution. Optimised for horizontal positioning of luminaire body. Further beam characteristics are available for flexible adaptation to customer-specific lighting tasks. Retrofitting a rear shielding is possible, available as accessory to be ordered separately.

LED system
With 2 LED modules. LED module consisting of four LEDs including optical system. Luminaire luminous flux 800 lm, connected load 10,00 W, luminous efficiency of luminaire 80 lm/W. Light colour warm white, correlated colour temperature (CCT) 3000 K, general colour rendering index (CRI) Ra > 70. Further LED light colours available on request. Mean rated service life LCLO(tq 25 °C) = 100,000 h.

Luminaire body
Luminaire body of die-cast aluminium. Colour anthracite, similar to DB 703. Sea weather-suitable coating on request. Inclination angle can be adjusted Adjustment is lockable in 10° steps between 0° and 90°. Cover of heat-treated non-laminated safety glass. Cover sealed in luminaire body. Reflection-reduced, with a transmission value of > 98%.

Electrical connection
Gear tray with all electrical components and LED modules mounted as upper luminaire enclosure. Removable after releasing four fixing screws of V2A. Connection module in post mounting element, freely accessible. With 4-pole terminal to 2.5 mm² and insulated terminal point for earth conductor. With cable strain relief system. Surge voltage resistance 6 kV.

Electrical version
With operating device, digitally dimmable (DALI). Configurable ballast with luminous flux stabilising (CLO). Connected load at the end of service life: 12,00 W. The luminaire complies with fundamental requirements of applicable EU regulations and product safety legislation and bears the CE symbol. The luminaire is also ENEC-certified by an independent testing authority.

Planning information:
The luminaire is compliant to the requirements of EN 60598 and is designed for the effects of wind compliant to EN 1991 (Eurocode) with basic wind velocity of up to 30m/s (corresponding to wind zone 4 in Germany) in terrain category 1. A snow load (up to 1kN/m²) and icing (up to 2 cm) at a mounting height in accordance with the mounting instructions are taken into account. Not considered are exposed locations (e.g. bridges, installation on buildings or directly adjacent to railway tracks). Impact loads are not considered.



1 000 lm, 1 200 lm, 800 lm


3000K, 4000K



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