An extremely versatile product range that can be used to attractively illuminate all entrance, recreation and transit zones such as corridors, stairways, forums and foyers in compliance with standards. There is a choice of three shapes, each in several sizes, which can be perfectly adapted to the individual application in terms of mounting method, lighting technology, protection rating etc. The wide range of variants allows building areas to be zoned, while the range-typical high quality design creates a holistic solution with a single look.

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Luminaire type
Decorative, round surface-mounted luminaire with a cylindrical, opal diffuser made of PC, impact-resistant. Decorative attachments are available as optional accessories for precisely suitable light- and room scenes; these can also be implemented in custom colours on request.

For entrance areas, corridors, staircases and recreation rooms.

Mounting methods
For wall or ceiling mounting. With accessories to be ordered separately, also suitable for semi-recessed mounting (ceiling with cut-out) and suspended mounting. For protection as well as to assist with quick mounting, the components are arranged in the box in assembly order. The cover is quickly mounted on the mounting body without tools by click locking. The feed opening and fixing points correspond to those of the series 740N, Mondia.

Optical system
The material and structure of the covering diffuser provide uniform and shadow-free illumination of the easy-to-clean luminaire surface. With diffuse wide light distribution, mainly direct. With slight indirect component for decorative surface illumination.

LED system
Luminaire luminous flux 1900 lm, connected load 17,00 W, luminous efficiency of luminaire 111 lm/W. Light colour warm white, correlated colour temperature (CCT) 3000 K, general colour rendering index (CRI) Ra > 80. Mean rated service life L80(tq 25 °C) = 100,000 h. The light source is replaceable according to the ecodesign requirements (VO (EU) 2019/2020). Replacement is without tools, the replacement light source can be obtained as a spare part.

Luminaire body
Luminaire body sheet steel. Surface coated white (RAL 9016). Luminaire diameter Ø 400 mm, luminaire height 63,5 mm. Safety class (EN 61140): I, protection rating (DIN EN 60529): IP40, impact resistance level in accordance with IEC 62262: IK06, testing temperature of wire glow test in accordance with IEC 60695-2-11: 850 °C. Weight: 0,8 kg.

Electrical version
With electronic transformer, switchable. The control gear unit is replaceable in accordance with the ecodesign requirements (VO (EU) 2019/2020). The luminaire complies with the fundamental requirements of applicable EU regulations and product safety legislation and bears the CE symbol.



RWD1: Ø300 mm, RWD2: Ø400 mm, RWD3: Ø500 mm, RWD4: Ø600 mm


PC (Polykarbonat), PMMA (akryl)




1 000 lm, 2 000 lm, 3 000 lm, 4 000 lm, 5 000 lm, 6 000 lm, ML 1400-4000 lm


3000K, 4000K, HCL (Variabel 2700-6500K)


ET EB3: Tänd/släck, med nödljus 3h, ET HFS: Tänd/släck med HF närvarosensor, ET: Tänd/släck, ET2: Tänd/släck med två kretsar/drivers, ETDD: DALI, ETDD8: DALI typ 8



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