E-Line Next

It remains true to itself – and yet consistently takes the next step forward. Typical for E-Line Next LED are not only pioneering achievements in terms of efficiency, service life, quality of light and convenience. The modular system with its unique range of variants ensures made-to-measure, perfect lighting conditions in every application. And when it comes to sustainabil-ity, no wishes remain unfulfilled: E-Line Next LED as a Monitoring-Ready version opens up the potential of intelligent and networked lighting. This makes it the ideal choice for all contin-uous line projects, across all applications.

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Luminaire type
LED gear tray for continuous line system E-Line 7651 Fix. Version for use in applications with high requirements for temperature resistance, luminaire efficiency and service life of the continuous line. Gear tray in combination with accessory 07650Fi…IP64 (trunking, cover, end cap) suitable for applications requiring higher protection ratings (IP64) as well as for use in locations exposed to fire hazards according to DIN EN 60598-2-24 (D identification)..

Suitable for use in HACCP, IFS and/or BRC Global Standard Food certified companies (DIN 10500).

Mounting methods
For combining with E-Line Fix 0765… trunking. Compatible with E-Line T5N/LED 07650… support profiles. Mounting to trunking with tool-free stainless steel snap fasteners. With mechanical misassembly protection. Correct mounting of the gear tray with the trunking is confirmed by a snap-in noise. The transparent mounting elements made of UV-stabilised PC can be removed after successful installation, thus ensuring theft and disassembly protection.

Optical system
The optical system consists of a PMMA lens optic with three matched, photometrically effective sections and thus ensures uniform light distribution and homogeneous illumination. Light distribution characteristic: wide, Beam spread C0: 89°, Beam spread C90: 88°, Main beam angle: +/- 20°. Recommended installation height: 4 – 8 m. The flat surface makes cleaning the luminaire easier. Particularly suitable for wide-area illumination. The light distribution characteristic of the gear tray is exclusively determined by the technical design of the lens optic and dœs not require any further light-guiding components or accessories. Due to the design, the harmonious appearance of the lighting system is also guaranteed when various optical systems are combined within a continuous line system.

LED system
With three LED modules (3 x 96 LED). Light generation is free of infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) components. The luminaire luminous flux of the gear tray is electronically parameterised in the production process according to customer requirements. Parameterised luminaire luminous flux of the gear tray 6300 lm, connected load 33,00 W, Power Faktor λ > 0,95, luminous efficiency of luminaire 190 lm/W. Light colour neutral white, correlated colour temperature (CCT) 4000 K. general colour rendering index (CRI) Ra > 80. Colour locus tolerance (initial MacAdam) ≤ 3 SDCM. Mean rated service life L80(tq 50 °C) = 70,000 h. The light source is replaceable according to the ecodesign requirements (VO (EU) 2019/2020).

Luminaire body
Gear tray of sheet steel. Surface coated white (RAL 9016). Length of the gear tray: 2211 mm. Permissible ambient temperature (ta) -20 °C – 50 °C. Safety class (EN 61140): I, protection rating (DIN EN 60529): IP20, impact resistance level in accordance with IEC 62262: IK03, testing temperature of wire glow test in accordance with IEC 60695-2-11: 650 °C. Weight: 2,2 kg.

Electrical connection
Self-actuating electrical connection via plug contacts with phase selection. Phase selection is without use of tools.

Electrical version
With electronic transformer, switchable. The control gear unit is replaceable in accordance with the ecodesign requirements (VO (EU) 2019/2020). The luminaire complies with the fundamental requirements of applicable EU regulations and product safety legislation and bears the CE symbol. The luminaire is also ENEC-certified by an independent testing authority.

A special online tool is available for the simple and fast planning and configuration process of the application.



50 000 timmar, 70 000 timmar, 90 000 timmar


Kupa, Linser, Prismatisk


L150: 1475 mm, L225: 2212,5 mm


LAN: Asymmetrisk smalstrålande, LDAN: Dubbelasymmetrisk smalstrålande, LDAW: Dubbelasymmetrisk bredstrålande, LEN: Extremt smalstrålande, LN: Smalstrålande, LVN: Mycket smalstrålande, LVW: Mycket bredstrålande, LW: Bredstrålande


10 000 lm, 12 000 lm, 14 000 lm, 16 000 lm, 18 000 lm, 20 000 lm, 4 000 lm, 6 000 lm, 8 000 lm


3000K, 4000K, 6500K, HCL (Variabel 2700-6500K)


ET: Tänd/släck, ETDD: DALI



Med välutvecklade armaturer och rationell tillverkning är TRILUX ett av Europas största belysningsföretag. TRILUX har 5000 personer anställda, varav 250 arbetar med utveckling.

TRILUX startade med belysning redan 1912 och är idag Tysklands största belysningsföretag, med ett omfattande sortiment för offentlig och privat miljö. Med sin utgångspunkt i hög kvalité och modern ljusteknik är TRILUX markant marknadsledande i Tyskland när det gäller interiörbelysning.