Creavo is the ideal solution for directional light in the office: three optics with ConVision® technology, various module sizes and four mounting methods are available. Typical for the luminaire range: light chambers as an element of design. Light management, emergency light and location-based services can also be implemented via the IoT harbour.

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Luminaire type
Square lay-in LED ceiling luminaire with light elements consisting of lens systems and cubic screening elements with high efficiency. Version M73 (600 mm x 600mm).

Mounting methods
Luminaire use is specially designed for lay-in installation in system ceilings with exposed grids. Further information and data regarding luminaire installation and fixing can be found in the installation instructions.

Optical system
The optical system with a precisely coordinated combination of LED lenses and anti-glare elements provides very high visual comfort with very high photometric performance. With symmetric narrow-wide light distribution. Glare evaluation according to UGR rating (EN 12464-1) < 19. Suitable for VDU workstations according to EN 12464-1 via limited luminance L ≤ 3000 cd/² for beam angle above 65° all-round. LED system With 25 light elements, square version (5 x 5). Luminaire luminous flux 2900 lm, connected load 18,00 W, Power Faktor λ > 0,9, luminous efficiency of luminaire 161 lm/W. Light colour warm white, correlated colour temperature (CCT) 3000 K, general colour rendering index (CRI) Ra > 80. Mean rated service life L80(tq 25 °C) = 100,000 h, mean rated service life L90(tq 25 °C) = 50,000 h. The light source is replaceable according to the ecodesign requirements (VO (EU) 2019/2020).

Luminaire body
Luminaire body of sheet steel, powder-coated white (RAL 9016). Screening cubes silver-grey, with fine surface structure (RAL 7001). The screening cubes can be realised in further RAL colours on request. The colour of the screening cubes has no significant impact on the luminaire’s photometric properties. Safety class (EN 61140): II, protection rating (DIN EN 60529): IP20, impact resistance level in accordance with IEC 62262: IK03, testing temperature of wire glow test in accordance with IEC 60695-2-11: 650 °C. Weight: 4,5 kg.

Electrical connection
Polarity-protected rapid connection with mains through-wiring up to Ø 2.5 mm². Connection of the ballast unit to the luminaire (Plug ‘N Play). The luminaire’s packaging concept facilitates separate removal of the control gear unit for pre-assembly, leaving the remaining luminaire components protected until final assembly.

Electrical version
With external operating device, switchable. The control gear unit is replaceable in accordance with the ecodesign requirements (VO (EU) 2019/2020). Control gear unit is open-circuit proof and protected against faulty connection, short circuit, overload and overtemperature. Output ripple of the control gear unit ≤ 4 % for effective control of the LED system and for flicker-free light. The luminaire complies with the fundamental requirements of applicable EU regulations and product safety legislation and bears the CE symbol.

The luminaire is part of a range of recessed, surface-mounted and suspended luminaires with a harmonised appearance. Project-specific versions with varying luminaire characteristics are possible on request.

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M17: 100×1250 mm, M19: 100×1550 mm, M37: 185×1250 mm, M39: 185×1550 mm, M46-TS: 300×1200 mm, ilägg, M48-TS: 300×1500 mm, ilägg, M57-TS: 312,5×1250 mm, ilägg, M57: 312,5×1250 mm, M59-TS: 312,5×1550 mm, ilägg, M59: 312,5×1550 mm, M73-TS: 600×600 mm, ilägg, M84-TS: 625×625 mm, ilägg, M84: 625×625 mm


LW16-03: Linsteknik, UGR<16, Silver-grå, LW19-01: Linsteknik, UGR<19, Vit, LW19-03: Linsteknik, UGR<19, Silver-grå, LW19-05: Linsteknik, UGR<19, Svart, LWW-03, Wallwasher, Vit


3 000 lm, 3 800 lm, 4 200 lm, 4 800 lm, 5 000 lm, 5 300 lm, 6 200 lm, 7 000 lm


3000K, 4000K, HCL (Variabel 2700-6500K)


Ra>80, Ra>90


ET: Tänd/släck, ETDD: DALI, ETDD8: DALI typ 8